BAITOS (Boethus) BEN ZONIN (beginning of second century), respected and wealthy resident of Lydda, whose home was a meeting place for scholars. It is related that the rabbis, headed by rabban gamaliel of Jabneh, "reclined in the home of Baitos b. Zonin in Lydda and discussed Passover halakhot the whole of that night of the (Passover Seder ) until cockcrow" (Tosef., Pes. 10:12). He also discussed halakhic problems with the rabbis (TJ, Pes. 2:end of 4, 29c; Pes. 37a). Baitos conducted his life in accordance with the teachings of the rabbis, particularly eleazar b. azariah (Meg. 27b; BM 63a; BB 13b), and his conduct is cited in tannaitic sources as evidence for the halakhah in both ritual and monetary matters (BM 5:3; Av. Zar. 5:2). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Hyman, Toledot, 270. (Zvi Kaplan)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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